Digging out the unplayed (for a long time) vinyl

Is Rod groovy again, KLF certainly seems to be making the headlines.

2 thoughts on “Digging out the unplayed (for a long time) vinyl”

  1. KLF? Uh huh. 😉

    Interesting that some of those who grew up with MP3s now want something more dramatically physical and tactile. As a former DJ, I can relate.

    1. Yes, the physical LP can be a delight. One area I always have interested in is the “scan rate”. Broad sheet newspapers have, arguably, the fastest rate in the communications business with readers being able to quickly choose pertinent articles and delve more deeply. The larger format of LP sleeves and sleeve notes let’s you look at the lyrics, artists etc. much more easily than with for example a CD. Secondly IMO quality is an issue and whilst many would say vinyl does not outperform digital (some records are of course digitally re-mastered which kind of obviate the argument) if you do back to back or indeed parallel listenings to MP3, CD, vinyl you come to the conclusion that MP3 format has no base and that CD’s are a bit thinner. Lastly you know what you are playing and have to make active choices to select particular albums. I notice some people have streams running either from local or Web media and really don’t know or possibly care what they are listening to.

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