Into the Limfjord and arrived Lemvig

Left Lindesnes 1800 Saturday, tied up here 1430 so a long day. Fairly uneventful aside from a gale warning as I arrived; it started to blow and rain.

The new Holland Norway line which is apposite given my trip; I did ask them to alter course which they were good enough to do!
Always a joy to see Dolphins.
Tricky blighters to catch on camera mind you.

2 thoughts on “Into the Limfjord and arrived Lemvig”

  1. Thank you Robin
    I’m so Happy to see the ship being used and you take the routes I’ve been thinking about so long but never really made come True.
    Hope you Will enjoy a little bit of (warm) summer as you come south.
    Well done💪💪💪

    1. Your too kind, I have made time. I always rephrased Steve Miller bands “Fly like an eagle” to “time keeps on slipping into the ocean”. Wet here.

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