Risor to Kristiansand

Most helpful and nice pair of Norwegian chaps, sailing vessel, from Stavanger gave me freely of advice on the next legs and places to visit in the area of Stavanger. I plan an early start tomorrow and a long day hoping to make the small haven of Balyhaue just to the NNE of lindesnes peninsula. The passage is around 95 NM so 19 hours not allowing for current. The wind is favourable, calm at first and increasing to around 20 knots from behind. I hope this and the positive current will reduce passage time to perhaps as little as 14 hours, I’ll see once en route. Most importantly the waves will be from behind making for a smoother ride (I hope). I’ll update this post as and when.

Grrrr, here in Kristiansand tied up. Windy and waves built up to a state that made me come in here. Shame really as a lovely wind but it builds up waves, coming from astern and the automatic steering can’t cope so not really safe solo.