Start of another biggish job, fuel tank and associated system.

Was not too bad to get off, bit of grazed knuckles and profanity.

A surprisingly complicated casting.
Mating faces are fine, body, sand cast, is a rough surface.

The pickup tube for fuel has a rotted screen filter. I have enquired with a couple of suppliers to see if a suitable gauze is available as well as asking for advice! Today I ordered a submersible diesel pump, I prey it will go through one of the castings ports so I can drop it through in the future to clean the fuel on a as required basis. This and the clean up I’ll do with the tank cap off will ensure the supply is clean; the uplift tube has a saucer affair at the end to stop suction direct from the bottom of the tank.

Fuel pickup tube

So, on balance I’ll try elbow grease to clean the casting, maybe treat with a krust type product and paint, remove the rotted gauze and refit. Probably new npdm Cork gasket. Maybe I could find a replacement for the 90 degree filler elbow, the tube reinforced pvc tube from the deck fitting is clamped onto a threaded pipe. Perhaps I can do better, a female brass hose tail? More later..

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