Tuin thinking

Tap water check

I have an idea to water the garden whilst away. Many of the components I have already from a previous installation in my former home so reuse, recycle etc. Two systems envisaged, first, using the pressure from the tap and controlled by a battery powered timer for the trees and wider beds. Second a nutrient enriched drum fed system. This will need a pump, 12v psu and 12v digital timer the later two items on order, the little pump I have. My idea is to feed vegetable plants with this second system and ideas are evolving on its practically and efficacy. Tomatoes, beans and salad leaves, possibly spring onions all seem doable. I think I need to be fairly close to home to connect with a jab over the next six weeks but on board ship and visiting reasonably regularly. Weather looks poor for next week or so so think later in month and sail southern deltas.

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