Around Glukstadt and battery change

Arrived to brilliant sunshine and 25C but today 15C and persistent rain, same forecast for tomorrow. The entrance lock is under repair and it seems they have significant labour issues; the workers withdrew labour over a pay dispute so intermittent opening.

An investigation of Yachtwerft Gluckstadt, the based yacht repair and building company saw me introduced to Wolfgang, an absolutely ace find. He specialises in ocean racing yachts but was so helpful for my silly little needs. He will pick up a 140 Amp battery tomorrow morning, the warehouse is close to where he lives and I imagine get the old ones out and new one in during the day.

Two 6V golf buggy batteries in series give 12V in existing installation with what seems to be a decent charger.

I’ll wait until the electrical needs have been satisfied before further planning but certainly a visit to Hamburg is on the cards so maybe Friday enter Kiel canal.

New battery installed, it’s all looking good aside from the alternator giving a low charge. I think this may be due to the start battery being low as the old “house” batteries have been demanding amps via the diode over and above what the start needs. Hopefully this will correct itself after a few hours running.