Bicycle tour to aviation and war museum plus lamb

Around 35km, good little museum at the airport where they had parachuting going on. I could not but wonder if the Pilatus aircraft doing the lifts was leased out by a friend of my brothers. A good representation of the bunkers on Texel now almost all demolished. I did quiz the staff on bunker types, the standard designs employed by Todt but that drew a blank. No exhibits showing any Werzberg radar stations but I would have thought extremely likely that one was located here. Some details of the Georgian uprising. Then to the lamb supplier to get some treats. I leave tomorrow after quick visit to ship shop to try and find an o ring to repair and fill a new possession, a Japanese Samura hand bearing compass that Jan Van A was good enough to pick up for me in Amsterdam.

2 thoughts on “Bicycle tour to aviation and war museum plus lamb”

    1. Aye, a major navigation point for incoming allied aircraft, middle of huber line, a logical location.

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