2 thoughts on “Down the Sijkgat with the tide”

  1. Hi Robin, I watched all your videos this time. Youcertainly seem to know what you’re doing, calculating the true speed you’recovering, while keeping out the way of all these huge ships. When I had myWhite Revenger (Revenger-class) powerboat in Malta, I deliberately cut acrossthe bow waves of container and cruise ships as I had the acceleration with2x200hp Mercury outboards on Gullwing brackets, with hydraulic trim tabs. Thetop speed was written on the side of 78 knots, but with the inferior petrol inMalta (minus a star) it did about 65 knots. Most of the crews would wave andcheer. The uniformed officers, though, coming out of the bridge, would shoutabuse. I couldn’t careless in these days. I was about 30, and going aroundValletta’s Grand Harbour bars with a crowd of drunken youngsters.  Good to know you’re more sensible andfollow the Rules of the Road.  Good luck on your voyages.  Best Alan PS. I’ll send a photo of the powerboat if Ican find it. It came thirteenth in the class-three round Briton before I gotit. I sold it to Banis in Malta, who used his 3 larger boats to take 60 people everyday to Comino and back.  

    1. Morning Alan, thanks for that. I knew you had been in Malta for a period but truly did not know about your power boating massive! If you send a pic I’ll post it on here. How many gallons per mile?

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