The Dahon replaced at last + latest.

A D7 Vybe in the flesh

Originaly when looking for a folder I asked quite a few folk riding them for opinions and the Dahon was well reviewed hence my choice (Brampton despite the technical excellence of the design did not get such a high “score”). So a beady Manx eye has been scanning the small ads looking for a replacement and came upon this one, the cheapest on the market at 225 but a big flag “no offers”. So, eventually the ad disappeared, coinciding with me having settled my taxes, car business etc. An email sent via an address found on one of the other items listed by the seller elicited a yes, the bike is still for sale. Off I went and used my best line “well, it’s a little bit more than I want to pay, how about….”

In the end I did get a bit off making it cheaper than my original bike so, it makes up a little bit for the theft of the old one in a funny way.

Now awaiting depth sounder to be fixed. I posted it off to Danimart in Denmark last Friday and I hope it comes back promptly. Not much else to source really, time to sail I think.

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