Glad to be here, always a bit of aggro at the lock out of the NOK, the rather big Beneteau yacht behind me with a heavy crew made some unpleasant breaking and shouting noises as it docked on the water level pontoon.

First time to evaluate new battery and see how it performs with eg fridge and heating running, equally to check alternator output, something I am a little concerned about when running engine tomorrow. Update ran battery down to -26 Amps from full (105) and then ran engine to evaluate the alternator output; seems fine with around 25 Amps going back into battery so that’s a tick, no need to change it.

Gunshots! Eeeek, what’s going on? Start of the 24 hour race (how far can you go in 24H)? A lot of impressive yachts heading down the sound under full sail in brisk SE wind.

Bft 5 inside the Kieler fjord so I guess 6 outside, bit too windy for me and it rather looks that way for the coming days. Sea forecast 1.5M.

Still runny poo, pumped out all the domestic water and re-filled in the hope that I’ve picked up a load with some bacteria in it. Could it be Asterix playing up?