Passage planning Kiel-Fehmarn

It’s a day sail but somewhat more complicated than first envisaged. Two active military areas, Putlos and Todendorf sit astride the direct routing to the bridge connecting Fehmarn with the mainland (22M air draft). Most helpful harbour masters here who searched for latest data mentioning that due Putin these areas are much more active! The main area Todendorf is a submarine training and transit route while the smaller one, Putlos is both submarines and live firing! I will avoid. An update from internet search reveals they are laying mines in this area!!

Weather outlook still not ideal with sea state forecast as 1.5M wave height. In this area the wave frequency is also rather rapid and in a 9M vessel this is not pleasant. It looks like Thursday to go to Fehmarn, I’ve paid until Wednesday and I’ll get latest information that morning and pay one more night if all looks ok. The outlook from Thursday onward is for more settled conditions but it’s really stretching the ability of the forecast to look that far ahead.