Well, we achieved the northerly limit of the insurance cover, a personal target. Large Scampi given free from local fisher folk, no harbour dues, remote and beautiful.

Clear waters
Location location location

4 thoughts on “61N”

  1. Hey Robin,

    The Adam’s family hope your ok and enjoying life

    Looks like such a beautiful trip 👍 and so very jealous of your dinner haha. Garlic and butter grilled I hope with your catch?

    Lots of love from us 3 xxx

    1. Moaning Adam’s family.

      Actually no condiments needed, just wriggling fresh tasty!

      Heather arrives this evening for a couple of nights btw, weather here is actually rather cold and wet, changes all the time. Best wishes Robin x

    1. Aye, I’ll start south next week, against the wind and the dreaded coastal current. It hugs the coast from Oslo to way up north, one or two knots and creates a more or less permanent wind over tide situation. Joy.

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