A nasty fright and a moment to pause in the crawl space.

The fitting of the plates progressed well but on running out of the plastic nails I re-ordered from Amazon and had to wait a day for delivery. Suited and booted for the work I entered the cave and found significant water (perhaps 5cm) under the polythene liner. Gulp, what’s happening my immediate thought was a damaged water pipe from all my crawling about; this was heightened by glancing at the water meter spinning around. Oh sh1t, another RG muck up with plumbing, I’ve made a few in my life. Ok, turn off water, buy some bottled and regroup. The prospect of having to partially remove liner and fix a pipe in the mud did not please me at all!

Checked this morning and no, it’s not a dislodged water pipe, none of them run through the soil under the liner; checked water meter and no flow showing; checked previous meter reading against current and no major disparity. Phew, I will for the moment assume a toilet cistern was responsible for the spinning meter and that the accumulation of water under the liner is due to an increase in the level of the water table. okay, forget about the horrid job for a day and get a shower and shave, have another go tomorrow.