Garden watering and growing system version 2.0

As ever too much thinking time and not enough “making mistakes to speed up the learning process”.. well, that’s life, you don’t know until you try and it may well be that what I have worked on may be rubbish, we shall see over the course of this summer. I suppose my drivers are trying to adapt to climate change, growing stuff rather than buying and trying to stop stuff I have planted dying off when I am away.

IBC, the most expensive part of the setup.
Programming 240v timer
Drippers, hoses and Venturi
Grow table/cloche/mini greenhouse. Raised to capture as much sunlight as possible and allow easy access.

2 thoughts on “Garden watering and growing system version 2.0”

  1. Very Impressive; I hoped for a drip-drip of moonshine at the end of the trail……

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