Better to drink dry cider with low sugar content!

Apple Varieties for Cider-Processing

According to European Cider and Fruit Wine Association, apples for cider are classified into four broad categories: sour, bitter sour, bittersweet and sweet. The main criteria for the classification of apples are their acidity, which gives the astringent flavour [15], phenolic compounds, which impart the bitter taste [16] and sugar content, which determines the alcoholic concentration of cider 

Grrrrr, trying to find the best apple mix here is no easy matter with no tradition of cider making. I am looking for high tannin butter sweet varieties and am, again, reminded of Neil Young’s lyric in No More:

Searchin’ for quality
Havin’ to have the very best
Now scroungin’ for quantity
Never havin’ time
To do the test
That’s how the story goes