One step forward two steps back.

Refurbishing the potable water tank lids. Clean up, sand, acid etch primer and overcoat of polyester. Mixed polyester in a hard clear plastic try in which smoked mackerel had been. Washed it thoroughly with detergent, rinsed and washed again. When I mixed up with hardner catalyst it didn’t mix in. Thorough mixing, I’ve done it many many times and always had a good cure, thoroughly mixed. I think the impossibly small amount of residual fish oils caused the two components not to mix together but I’ll mix a test batch before I reapply. An hour and a half scraping and then wiping and washing with acetone to get the uncured horror off, still one more wash down to do before I go back to the beginning.

It was a low point when the polyester did not cure and I am tempted to say the ship is, to some extent, deploying General Fabian’s tactics against me. Fear not, I am on top of things!